How Technology Is Changing Todays Job Interview?


Of late, there is a massive change witnessed in contemporary offices. Thanks to the ever-transforming technology-driven world, which seems to evolve with greater pace. This has helped up every aspect of our life and employers are no exception to this. This has helped in reaching and interviewing potential employees the best. Having more people apply and streamline the process to address these, which will, therefore, help in ensuring that you choose the best and brightest to work at your company. The following are the way the technology has changed the job interviews, let’s check them out:

The Online Job Portals

The job portals of the future will not be a long list of dreary posting by different companies. With the advent of employer branding tools, will help the companies produce unique videos for job listings for their companies. For instance, the site like has used such tool called Ongoing to make a couple of video job posting site, which was widely shared over social media sites

Making the format of initial applications short

Generally, most of the resumes are one page long, while some are even longer than that. However, for the majority of employers, there is only one question, which is important- what has the candidate done or can do to prove that he or she is qualified for the job opening. The rest of the resume content is mere padding and can only interest in case of a tie seen in between two potential hires.

The Video References

One of the vital parts of any employee selection process is getting referrals from candidates, employers, former peers and academic experts. However, rather moving ahead with the process of consuming time and daunting phone calls, getting video recommendations for the candidate from his listed references has become important. This has become common because they are seen taking less amount of time, which is not the case with other options.

Screening Candidates via Handsfree Technology

There are several newer technologies like Smartwatches, which has made the interviews simple. You do not have to call candidates from far and wide reimburse their to and fro tickets if they are coming from other cities, but can make them stay at their respective places to do the needful. You know how screening a number of candidates can be a time taking and boring experience, hence using this technology is a win-win situation for any employer.

Announcing job offers via video

The employers can spend loads of time and money for promoting the brand of any company via advertising and social media. However, one of the vital assets of any company are the people who can easily generate its revenue without any hassle.

Wrapping up

Right from advertising for various jobs openings to conducting a number of interviews, every aspect of the recruitment and human resource management has changed in a big way. Thanks to the ever-increasing pace technology, such changes are very much inevitable. In order to compete in this technology-driven society. It is vital to adopt these changes and move ahead.

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