3 Common Mistakes to avoid in your Job Hunt

You find your job too monotonous and you fail to get any accolades or appraisal for your work. The reasons can be any and many but if your heart is not in your job then things will turn a big burden. With the help of the same old methods and approach for a job search in the tech-savvy work, things are changing and thus will not extend the duration of your job hunt.  The following are certain things, which you need to, keep in mind and avoid the 3 common mistakes while you job hunt.

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1). Only relying on Job Websites

Hunting jobs on websites can be the best way, to begin with; however, it is not enough though. The days are gone when job seekers were called by their prospective employers. Now, these vacancies are posted at various job sites and social media platforms wherein the job seekers call one and all. Most of the HR managers are relying on social media sites particularly LinkedIn wherein they are getting a response as well. Make sure you try out all the websites and platforms wherein jobs are being promoted rather relying on only certain job sites.

2). Making Just One Resume for All Jobs you apply

Every business organization has their own culture, vision, and aspiration from their prospective employees. The very next time when you get a call for the interview, make sure custom your resume accordingly. You role, skills and value shown in the resume should match up the job description and other things. The hard work you put in these fine details would help in many ways. You end up preparing for the interview for the particular company along with creating a very good impression of your before the HR. Your homework would only show your seriousness about the job and the company you are joining.

3). Waiting for the interviewer’s response

As per the recent surveys, more than 75 percent candidates feel that by giving a thank your letter to their prospective employer wherein they have given their interview can hamper the decision making of the HR. However, this is not the case; you are judged the way you are as per your qualifications and experience. On the other side, the companies often take time to study any individual before you make an opening in any job. With a well drafted follow up e-mail can help you in giving the edge over the other candidates who have appeared for the interview for the same position.



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