5 Smart Ways of using LinkedIn for your Career Success


Networking is one of the best ways of getting your dream jobs. In order to find out your dream job, you are supposed to build up a good contact. Though the word of mouth was among the only method at any point in time, the current world of professional networking can be easily carried out over the web. In business point of view, LinkedIn leads simply help you to the network along with being your personal marketing tool. Well, let’s check the 5 smart ways of using your LinkedIn profile, which can for sure contribute to your success journey as under:

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1). Create a Visually Attractive LinkedIn Profile

The very first thing your prospective employer would look at would be your profile. Make sure you leave no stone unturned to make a findable and visually appealing profile. The two vital requisites for a professional and competitive profile are found in two ways. Make use of a professional headshot image along with a persuasive headline in order to convey you. Though a 120 spaced statements can be your identity, the image simply helps the prospective recruiter to relate the duo. As per the founder of the LinkedIn site, the headline is nothing but a mini elevator speech, which should be comprehensive, original and reasonable. For the image, you need to keep it proficient and certainly avoid uploading your childhood or modeling picture.

2). User Profile to Project the things, which are not on your resume

There are more than 250 million users over LinkedIn, while the site allows you upgrade your connection over senior expertise level as well. Hence better use this platform in order to showcase the maximum in your mini online industry. In order to do things, all you need to do is to simply update your profile with much more than that on your resume. Avoid inflated statements and simply refrain from using fallacious and untrue statements. Since the site has changed its search algorithm, hence better fill out the description areas. Avoid listing only your job title, this is the best way people will be able to find out.

3). Connect with others

It is certainly possible to get connected with every person over LinkedIn. However, make sure you try to expand your contacts in this professional portal as much as you can. Though family, colleagues, classmates, friends, and professors are your primary contact, make sure you add someone whom you have never met and the one who has contributed to your life. However, before adding them you can check their profile, which will, therefore, help you in creating a perpetual contact database that can render you some professional help.

4). Time to Snoop after getting valuable network

It is true that professionals are not regular with their LinkedIn profiles, hence once you create a good network, it would be difficult to set contact with the people you really need. At such junctures, you are supposed to extend your channels of communication. Once you are settled with LinkedIn, you then have to head to Facebook or Twitter. The users are more often found over the social media sites than any other place. It is recommended therefore to research and find email ids and get phone number of your potential users. At the very same time, you are required to create a network via LinkedIn, which is not a short process. This would demand a good amount of time and devotion.

5). Remain Active on your site

Lastly, once you have settled down on LinkedIn, make sure you do not stop accessing this site simply because you have got the job or are simply bored. You are supposed to be connected and by staying in touch, you do not have to imply the message game. This will also include updating your profile and allowing people to know your current status. At the same time, also keep a check what others are doing.

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