Top 5 Common Questions Asked In A Job Interview

Though your certificates, mark sheets, and experience can count a lot, there are certain important yardsticks, which are considered before you get recruited anywhere. The affinity found in between the company and candidate is only judged through the interview. This is the reason why the interviews are often straining and foreboding. You can make your interview a worthy experience with the help of a proper preparation. The following are the top 5 job interview questions posed in an interview, preparing the same can help you in increasing the probabilities of entering into your prospective organization.

1). Tell me something about yourself – One of Most Common Job Interview Questions

This is one of the basic job interview questions posed by an interviewer to anyone sitting for the interview. This is called as an open-ended question, which is only asked to know if the candidate is aware of his merits and demerits. The common mistake committed by candidates is when he or she is seen articulating his or her own resume for this question. The manager has your resume, he or she is least bothered about the same. So the mantra is to speak something different than the stuff you have on your resume. As per experts, your prospective employer would want to know if you are able to position yourself as a candidate of a right choice from the perspective of the employer. In other words, most of the recruiters simply evaluate the abilities of the candidates from this one answer itself.

2). Why are you quitting your current job?

You are supposed to be very much critical apart from being judgmental when it comes to giving out the answer to this question. Your answer would showcase the reason to switch the job and would even speak to your previous employer. While doing so, you are not supposed to spew the venom against your previous company or boss. As this will give an impression that you would do the same once you leave this company too.

3). Enlist your strengths and weaknesses?’

You can have loads of strengths or weakness enlisting them all together is no wisdom. You are required to respond in such a fashion that the answer can correspond to the needs of your new job. Also, avoid playing the idea of hiding and seek while answering this question. You are supposed to choose your weakness and then describe the way you would be overcoming it. Now talking about the strengths, jot down in a small piece of paper in which you feel very much confident. Over exaggeration of your strengths could land you in trouble.

4). The reason, you want to join this company?’

This question has to be answered with positivity, which will create a good scope in your recruitment. With this question, the recruiter aspires to check the candidate and his worthiness and compatibility for the available profile. When you answer this question, you are supposed to relate the reason for your decision for joining the company profile, as this will make it more interesting for the recruiter.

5). Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

This question has the purpose to know your exact plan of commitment to the prospective company. Though your answer should be able to deliver your commitment for the new job, at the same time this should be even pragmatic and realistic. You need to discuss the core responsibilities you can expect in your coming future and the way you would be performing to accomplish the company’s requirements. This should be able to give you a general idea about your plans in terms of the company.

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