5 Jobs That Can be Done from Home

If you are unable to work on a stretch at a workplace working from 9 to 5 and want to remain with your parents, you can think of working from your home as per your flexibility and expertise. With the help of the Internet, one can find a wide range of work from home opportunities. How about exploring some of the full time or part time home jobs, which you can work along from your home asunder. Let’s check the top five ones:

1). Virtual Assistantship

There are many entrepreneurs, and professionals are often in need of assistance with their several administrative jobs. These include working out the meetings schedules, calling up the clients and investors, checking the orders, and creating several presentations and other things in powerpoint and excel. The VAs or the virtual assistants are people hired by such professionals to manage the day to day activities. You can find these jobs at several freelance job portals.

2). Translation Home Jobs


If you are well versed in two or three languages this can be a decent opportunity to work from home. There are several authors and scholars who need people to translate their work into the other language. If you are fluent in English along with other European languages you can this job. One can find the same at sites like upwork.com or Fiverr.com.

3). Blogging

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Since past few years making money through blogging has gained a good momentum. To monetize your blog, you are required to register at Google Adsense, which will get you ads from the Google on your blog. Also, you can even find people who are looking for articles and blog posts for their blog for the same purpose and thus work as per your flexibility back at your home.

4). Selling Products On the internet

If you have the knack and expertise of making candles, then you can make and sell them from home. Similarly, there are other similar things that can be made back at home and could be sold online. You can connect with different online stores to sell these products and earn good money online by working from home.

5). Web development

If you are good in coding and web design then you can get similar work at home. There are several sites and platforms that can easily help you to find out the website development and design jobs. Though there is a competition once you start getting your first job you can keep on getting more provided you give quality.

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