Want to Get Paid for Living in Foreign Destinations, Check these 5 Nations

Many people who want to live in other nations, but most of them drop the idea due to lack of funds. But there are several nations, which can make your dream come true. Yes, you heard it right, there are foreign destinations that can pay your living. But wait you have to meet their precise conditions. There are several prerequisites in some of the cases, and you end up getting a great opportunity for a new lifestyle and culture. These can come in the form of tax relaxation and other things. Let’s check the top five foreign destinations that can pay for your living as under:

1). Ireland: It attracts people all over the world particularly the entrepreneurs. The businessman with their startup having a large growth probability can apply for funding their Enterprise in Ireland. Once it is accepted, you end up getting loads of rewards in terms of Euros and get the opportunity to live and work in Ireland.

2). Canada: If you have been the student of any college or university in Canada, which are linked with Saskatchewan, then this option can work for you. The said town in Canada is known to reimburse up to 20,000 Canadian dollars. To qualify, you need to be a college graduate in the year 2010 or later. This compensation is offered in the non-refundable tax credits and is paid in the segments up to 10 years.

3). Chile: If you are keen on setting up a new business then Chili may be your ideal location. They can pay you up to 50,000 dollars to start your startup business there. However, if your startup has the potential of becoming a huge global success, then the support is huge. Also, for the first six months, you are supposed to stay in Chile and you are given a one-year work visa along with several business contacts. The other benefit is that you do not face any language constraint as everything is in English.


4). Thailand. It is always in search of English trainers along with other subject trainers. It has a low cost of living besides being a competitive economy. You are offered the flight tickets along with other expenses.

5). New Zealand: Though this country may not pay you the actual money, in Kaitangata (a town in NZ) offers people land with low cost along with the necessary jobs. This is basically due to the scarcity of people in this place.

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