5 Extraordinary Resumes Landed People to their Dream Jobs

A nicely drafted extraordinary resumes play an important role in getting a job. It allows in showcasing your attributes that convince your potential employer that you are a right candidate for the job. However, the resumes that are made on the word documents have their own limits as well, that ends up giving similar sort of resumes making things similar for the recruiters to find the best candidate who simply stands out from the public domain. Well, let’s check the 5 Extraordinary Resumes Landed People to their Dream Jobs as under:

1). Robby Leonardi – Graphic designer Extraordinary Resumes

Extraordinary Resumes

This man made his resume in a form of video game. This helped him to present both his qualification and skill sets in graphic designing that convinced his employer that he is the right candidate. He is among the top graphic designers, all thanks to his creativity.

2). Victor Rodriguez – On the box thinking in his resume

Extraordinary Resumes

He found out an interesting method to market himself to reach the breakfast table of the recruiters by simply publishing his resume on the cereals box.

3). Akash Neeraj Mittal – He posted his resume online like a product on Flipkart

Extraordinary Resumes

We often buy products of wide range both online and from brick and mortar stores. However, Akash tried the same method of selling himself like a product on any e-commerce company. Well, it is needless to say that it helped him to find the best job.

4).Eric Gandhi – Find him on Google Results

Extraordinary Resumes

Eric used the format seen in a Google search page like a platform to showcase his skill sets and knowledge, he made his resume in such a way that it appeared like a Google search page results to find the right job.

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5). Nina Mufleh made the Air BnB fall in love with her profile

Extraordinary Resumes

Nina was keen on joining the Air BnB and thus simply made a resume that forced the top officials at the Air BnB for taking out the notice and get hired by the company.

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