Top 5 Jobs in India that pay High Salaries

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Money never comes with ease. You have to put loads of efforts to get it. Not all are born with silver spoon in their mouth that can make them get rich. So, when you not all born rich most of them rely on jobs with loads of money. It is not that simple to secure high salary jobs, as these job profiles need good knowledge, skill sets and degrees from high ranked institutes which are recognized all across the world. Well, let’s check the top 5 jobs in India that pay high salaries :

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1). Management professionals

The management professionals are often called to the soul and heart of any organization. They manage the set of tasks for different groups and organizations. This simply involves loads of hard work at the entry level. The entry level can give you 3 lakhs, while the experienced can earn 20 to 50 lakhs.

2). Investment Bankers

The other job profile in the list is of Investment bankers, which raises the capital for the company and thus offer good financial advice. They are called the Money Man as they deal with money. They can earn 12 lakhs per annum at the entry level, while at the mid and experienced level they earn 30 to 50 lakhs per annum.

3). Chartered Accountants

The Chartered Accountants commonly known as CA are known to have their command over the Business and Accountancy. They are required to be extraordinarily well-groomed. This is regarded as one of the honored job profiles in India. The entry-level salary is 5.5 lakhs while the mid and experienced ones include 12 and 25 lakhs per annum.

4). The Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals

This sector is known to give huge money to the people running this business. It can help you earn a lot. Some of the best-known job profiles in this sector include engineer, geologists, marine engineers, and divers. The salary can range 15 to 20 lakhs along with several other perks.

5). Business Analyst

With the increasing competition in India, the businesses are looking forward to embarking on people who can analyze the data and give solutions to the people running the show. One can earn big with these positions that can range 12 to 25 lakhs per annum.

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